Gila sudahnya Malaysia apabila sampai ketahap secara terbuka ada pihak menuntut apa yang kita tidak terfikir selama ini.  Inilah perjuangan liberalisasi yang diperjuangkan oleh segelintir rakyat Malaysia yang mahukan kebebasan tanpa batas. Jika kita membenarkan tuntutan ini dilulus menerusi perundangan atau tidak bermakna kita menempah bencana besar seperti apa yang disebut dalam kitab Al-Quraan - BUMI TERBALIK menjadi laut. Siapakah dibelakang mereka?.

Berita ini di CnP penuh dari al-Arabiya News Chanel  sila baca apa dunia lihat.

Sun, Sep 05, 2010
Year Seven, Day 198

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                                 Malaysia's gay community begins to push the limits
                               Pastor defends Malaysia’s first gay church

Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng said the church accepts about any sexual orientation (File)


When Malaysia's only openly homosexual pastor announced he was establishing the nation's first gay church, the proposal was met with a torrent of outrage and criticism.

Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng faced down threats to block the plan by government and religious leaders who said it would encourage homosexuality -- still a crime punishable by 20 years in jail in the Muslim-majority nation.

The church he co-founded has however been operating quietly in suburban Kuala Lumpur for the past three years, drawing a group of gay Christians for Sunday services and bible studies.

" We are working on encouraging more people to join the church, for Christians to come out and live authentic lives "

Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng Ouyang's battle is part of a campaign being fought on many fronts in Malaysia, where there is a growing sense of activism among the gay community which is beginning to mobilize to fight for its rights.

"We are working on encouraging more people to join the church, for Christians to come out and live authentic lives," says the pastor, who was married for nine years until he "came out" publicly in 2006.

"Whether one is gay or straight or bisexual, they are sexual orientations, it is not something we do that makes us gay."

Ouyang says the church, which also embraces bisexuals and transsexuals as well as welcoming heterosexuals to its services, wants to help the community know they are not "alone in fighting the battle".

"When I was young, how I wished someone who was good, highly admired and respected in the society could come out and tell me 'I am gay too,'," says the 40-year-old.

Homosexuality remains a social taboo across the racial and religious spectrum in Malaysia, a conservative country which is also home to large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities.

Gay men and women are a visible presence out in public and on the Internet where they are connected through online forums.

However, authorities periodically crack down on the thriving gay scene, carrying out raids at gay-friendly bars or massage parlors, leaving some with a constant fear of persecution.

Few feel they can declare their sexuality openly, and there was a dearth of groups representing the community until 2008, when the first "Seksualiti Merdeka" or "Sexual Independence" festival was held.

Organizer Pang Khee Teik, an art gallery owner, said he was inspired by rising activism in the region.

India and Nepal have de-criminalized homosexuality in recent years, in Thailand the annual Gay Pride festival is being revived, and even in conservative Indonesia there is an annual gay film festival.

"We thought the time was right to replicate something similar in Malaysia," Pang says. "We are trying to tell people: you have sexual rights whether the state recognizes it or not."

"The long-term goal could be the repeal of laws against sodomy and oral sex for instance," says Pang, adding that anti-discrimination laws are also needed.

The annual festival, which includes talks, music performances and film screenings, has seen the number of participants double from 400 in 2008 to about 800 last year.

It will be held for the third time later this year and has managed to avoid any action from protesters or the authorities, partly due to efforts to keep it low-key.

But religious figures who have an influential role in Malaysian society remain vehemently opposed to the new mood. A top religious body in 2008 also issued a "fatwa" or Islamic religious ban on lesbian sex.

" Homosexuality is going to destroy the world as we are not thankful to God's creation and we are going against His wishes "

Islamic cleric Harussani Zakaria"Homosexuality is going to destroy the world as we are not thankful to God's creation and we are going against His wishes," says outspoken Islamic cleric Harussani Zakaria.

"Homosexuality is a very bad thing. God has created men and women, how can it be man with man, and woman with woman?"

The gay community takes heart from small steps, including a recent Malaysian Film Censorship Board decision to reverse a ban on the depiction of homosexuality and allow gay characters to be featured in films.

But in an indication of the distance campaigners still have to go, the new guidelines also stipulate that gay characters must repent or go straight before the credits roll.

"They recognize that we do exist and that is a something positive, at least," says Azri, who has a boyfriend of five years, as he sips coffee at one of Kuala Lumpur's up market shopping malls.

"My ideal world is to be recognized as a couple and enjoy the rights just like any other heterosexual couples," says the boyish-looking 28-year-old.

"We can't rush, we are slowly building the momentum."


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last day

Pastor Joel [ Saturday, September 04, 2010 ]

this is show to us that we a leaving in last days,dont bring such a wrong doctrin in to the nation,is sin.

2 -

Bless You

Timothy Dobbins [ Saturday, September 04, 2010 ]

Thank you for standing up to show that GLBT people can be fully included in the spiritual life. I pray your work is blessed for many years, and helps many lives.

3 -

to "Last Day.....

Disgusted Human on the Planet Earth... [ Saturday, September 04, 2010 ]

GROW UP! You're Obviously BRAINWASHED! In Our Galaxy with 100's of Billions of Stars/Suns...with 100's of Billions of plnets...which is 100,000 light yrs a Universe with 100's of Billions of galaxies....WE as Humans are NOT that Important in the Scheme of things..and No Man-Made SKY God is up there caring about what we do with Our Own Private Parts / our hoo-hoos or pee-pees. Religion is man-made to Keep Stupid People / Sheeple in Line (LIKE YOU) SEE IT WORKS. Grow up,and expand your mind into Science and reality. You Make Humanity look like fools.

4 -

Gays and the Church

Waseem [ Sunday, September 05, 2010 ]

This shows that the church doesn't preach the Bible.

5 -

Mr.Dayle [ Sunday, September 05, 2010 ]

(...), Pastor Joel. Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng can do whatever the hell he wishes. P.S. (...).

6 -

This is be sign that Pastor Joel can't speak no English and need to school for it.

Drew Murray [ Sunday, September 05, 2010 ]

So yes, the rest of the world is still in tact, yet Malaysia is worried it's pee little nation will collapse for allowing people who favor human rights, dignity and equality to continue breathing. How sad. Many of my friends from there who are now in college in America don't have many good things to say about where they came from.

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